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About the company

The PRIMA RIA company was founded in January 2010 by specialists who had many years of experience in supplying enterprises with non-ferrous metals and rolled metal products. The dream of any supplier is the principle: high quality, fast, cheap – this has become the motto of our company.

The main direction of our company is the supply of non-ferrous metal products. Our main clients are industrial enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, creative workshops that are engaged in industrial development and other consumers in which non-ferrous metals, stainless steel products and tool steels are used.


The range of our warehouse stocks includes a huge number of products from non-ferrous metal products of various standard sizes from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, copper-nickel alloys (manganin, nickel silver), zinc, stainless and structural steel. In our warehouse we always have:

various blanks,
chemical products and others

The presence of a large assortment of rolled metal products in the warehouse of PRIMA RIA LLC can meet the various needs of customers without placing a preliminary order, without waiting for its execution. The buyer can place an order by calling our company phones and pay for it, send a payment order with a write-off by e-mail and immediately arrive for shipment, which will eliminate waiting for delivery.

Low prices

Long-term experience of cooperation with manufacturing plants allows us to keep prices low. We do not set a minimum vacation rate and guarantee that the Buyer will not have to overpay for “extra” kilograms. We will unwind the wire, pipe, tape from 1m, 1kg, cut the required length of the bar (circle), hexagon, sleeve to size, cut the sheet of the required cutting in width from the specified and agreed.

Quality assurance

All supplied metal products have quality certificates that confirm the quality and conformity of rolled metal to established standards, GOSTs and TUs.


Clients who do not have the opportunity to export metal on their own can use the services of freight carriers. We have long-term relationships with all major transport companies and courier services in Ukraine. The buyer can issue an application for metal delivery on his own or use the service of a company manager, who will issue a delivery service and send the customer the number of the completed application.

Deferment of payment

Based on the history of relationships, buyers with whom we have long-term relationships can draw up an agreement with a deferred payment of up to 30 days. In the context of constantly growing prices for materials, this helps and accelerates the fulfillment by factories and enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the state order placed with them.

Specialist consultations

Based on their many years of experience, the specialists of PRIMA RIA LLC will answer the most “tricky” questions, advise on the choice of the required material, calculate the weight and cost of the order.

our clients
AT “KZ Radar”
plant “Locomotive”
Canning factory

Consistent and consistent quality is the priority of the company. Modern technological lines for the production of pipes and components, technologies of the latest generation, allow us to obtain high-quality products that meet the required standards.

Highly qualified staff of the technical control department and specialized equipment guarantee constant quality control of the company’s products.

The success of the company would not have been possible without the participation, responsibility and professionalism of the people employed in it. Our employees, regardless of their position, fully understand the rules of the company.

Just like professionalism, atmosphere is important. The fact that the company creates a favorable climate for work and cooperation can be confirmed by the fact that the turnover among employees is at a very low level. We create a harmonious, professional team that contributes to real success.

For the arrangement of reliable work in the production of rolled metal. That is why our products are made on modern equipment from high-quality materials under the supervision of highly qualified specialists.
For the production of its products, PRIMA RIA uses high-quality raw materials from well-known European suppliers. Our company works with manufacturers, experimental and commercial companies.




Our competitive advantages in relation to other suppliers of these products are an individual approach to each partner, reasonable pricing p

olicy, and a wide range of products required for wells.

If your goal is to purchase high quality metal products and components, then contact us by phone numbers listed on the website. Our managers will be happy to advise you and select the best products.