2018 (WIth BOX) Whole Sale Fishing Lures Hard Lures Soft Spoon


Pro-Series Slender Spoon Kit In Our Top Ten Colors

7cm ABS Hard Plastic Lures Lipless Vib Sinking Crankbait for Bass Fishing - China ABS Hard Lure and Crankbait price

The Magbay Desperado High Speed Trolling Lures are well-known with serious wahoo anglers around the globe. These unbeatable wahoo lures pull up to 15 knots. Because of the tight wobbling and vibrating action, Wahoo and other pelagic fish all fall prey. With a color pattern for everyone, fish will be desperate to get a taste. The Desperado High Speed Trolling Lures are one of our bestselling items. This lure uses a proprietary multi-frequency rattle irresistible to wahoo.

MagBay Lures Desperado 7.5in Skipjack

Cheap 7color Plastic Squid Crankbait Casual Tackle Fishing Lures Big Fishing Hook Bait for Seawater Fish

Basstrike Bomber Double Propeller Spinbait Spy Bait

VibE Blade Bait

1 x 131pcs Fishing Lures Suit. - Hard Baits: 1x minnow, 2x popper, 1x crank, 1x pencil, 1x VIB. - Realistic Fishing Bait hooks: Vivid fishing lures,

131pcs/set Fishing Lures Suit Mixed Hard Lures Soft Baits Minnow Lures with Box

2023 Multifunctional Fishing Lure Bait Artificial Swimbait Fishing Hook Kit - AliExpress

Get ready to catch bait like you never have before! Even if you're someone who enjoys catching bait, it's never fun to lose fish after fish when they throw the hook before you can land them. It's simply foley to continue to waste time catching bait that way! Instead, choose the Sumo Spoon with two prongs and land more of the bait you catch!.

Sumo Spoon – Catfishing Bait Spoon for Skipjack, White Bass, Striped Bass and Other Baitfish, 1 5/8

Form meets function in the LIVETARGET hollow body craw. By strategically aligning two distinct lure families, this lure sets a new standard in craw imitations. The hollow carapace offers more than just a snag-resistant design anglers can squeeze scent paste inside the hollow cavity for a long lasting trail. The hollow body emits tiny bubbles when the lure lands on bottom. Excellent to use as a football jig or cover jig. Comes with replacement pincers.

LiveTarget Hollow Body Craw Jig

Bait Fishing Metal Spinner Fishing Lures Baits Bait Metal - 5g 10g 15g 20g Metal - Aliexpress

Elegantoss Portable Fun Fishing Lures Baits Kit Set in Tackle Box to catch Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon in a Plastic Box (17pcs)

1pc Metal Spoon 1.5g/2.5g/3g/3.5g/5g/7g/10g Trout Bait Sequin Fishing Lure Wobbler Casting Jigging Tackle Accessories Jig Chub

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